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8 Versatile Ultrasound Specialty Areas : Salary & Description

Having covered the whole medical sector of disease diagnosis, ultrasound technology now provides 8 versatile specialization areas for interested applicants. If you were only interested in making the most money that you can, then you might consider going for today’s most lucrative ultrasound profession, which is the Cardiac Sonographer career path.

However, if your list of requirements for job satisfaction goes a little wider than just the salary, you have a few different specialty options to choose from! Here is the breakdown of major ultrasound specialization areas…Ultrasound Specialties

Discover the 8 Different Ultrasound Technology Specialties Available For You to Choose From :

1. OB/GYN Sonography ($50,000 to over $80,000 p.a.):–

You might not be aware but Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN, in short) was the first medical field through which the ultrasound technology came to be known.

By becoming an OB/GYN Ultrasound Technician, you would be will have the job responsibility of diagnosing the female reproductive system, discovering the sex of the unborn baby, monitoring the fetal growth and detecting abnormalities in the fetus with the use of ultrasound technology.

2. Abdominal Sonography ($55,000 to over $73,000 p.a.):–

This field deals with generating the sonograms (i.e. photographs) of the abdominal tissues and organs such as liver, kidney, pancreas, gall bladder and spleen (but not the heart).

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      3. Cardiac Sonography ($80,000 to over $100,000):–

      Also dubbed Echocardiography, the area of Cardiac Sonography uses non-intrusive diagnostic imaging techniques like color-flow mappings & Doppler ultrasound to observe the condition of a patient’s heart.

      4. Neurosonography ($65,000 to over $91,000):–

      Another popular field goes with the name of neurosonography, which is focused upon the diagnosis of brain diseases and also helps detect abnormalities in the tissues of the nervous system.

      5. Vascular Sonography ($37,000 to over $68,000):–

      Vascular sonography is all about monitoring the condition of the blood vessels (i.e. of arteries and veins) in patients suffering from atherosclerosis, Peripheral Artery Disease, aneurysms, etc. It also detects abnormalities in the vascular system that might lead to strokes and heart attacks.

      6. Breast Sonography ($62,000 to over $80,000):–

      This specialization area was introduced to perform an in-depth diagnosis of breast lumps (detected by the traditional mammography) so as to determine whether the patient is suffering from benign cyst or has a cancerous tumor.

      7. Ophthalmologic Sonography ($33,000; Opthalmologists can earn more):–

      This particular specialty area came into being to check abnormalities in the eye tissues; it monitors the condition of the retina and the connected blood vessels, as well as searches for tumors. Moreover, ophthalmologic sonography also aids the doctors in inserting prosthetic lens in the eyes.

      8. Musculoskeletal Sonography (average $60,000):–

      As a latest addition to the ultrasound field, musculoskeletal ultrasound technicians are able to diagnosis ailments in the muscles and bones of the human body.