Sonography Schools In Texas: Top 4 Associate’s Degree Ultrasound Programs!

The state of Texas is one of the few places where the Ultrasound Technicians get to enjoy a prospective career with an earning potentiality starting from $60000 to over $85000 per year. So, if you also want to wear the title of an Ultrasound Technician, not merely for the sake of money but because of your interest in this field, then you should know that when pursuing the career of an ultrasound technician, it is best to get your training through only those sonography schools in Texas, which are accredited by CAAHEP i.e. Council for Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

Brief Introduction to the Best Associate’s Degree Sonography Schools in Texas having CAAHEP Accreditation!

Sonography Schools In TexasNow, like I said before, only the CAAHEP accredited ultrasound schools of Texas State are good for enrollment since theses medical schools guarantee quality ultrasound education with a thorough clinical hands-on skills training classes that will prepare the sonographer aspirants for the ARDMS certification exam.

To make life easier for you, we have here listed some of the best sonography programs of Texas State. Mind you, all these schools listed below offer Associate’s degree in Diagnostic Sonography (be it in general, cardiac or vascular ultrasound field).

After all, the Associate’s degree is the highest ultrasound qualification you may earn through a CAAHEP accredited ultrasound program in Texas since, at present, not a single bachelor’s level sonography degree programs have been favored with the accreditation from the CAAHEP.

1. University of Texas

Residing in the Brownsville region of the Texas State, the University of Texas is a public institution, which offers the interested students an Associate’s degree sonography program that has received the accreditation from the CAAHEP for being a high quality ultrasound tech training program.

Appealing Features of the Ultrasound program run by the University of Texas:–

In order to graduate from this 2 years long associate’s degree ultrasound program issued by the University of Texas, students are required to complete 71 credits of ultrasound training classes.

The essential subject matters that the students would have to face are anatomy, physiology, basic healthcare skills, ultrasound physics and psychology.

And, since this associate’s degree program is concerned with the General Sonography field, students would also get to explore specialty courses regarding the abdominal sonography and the OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology) sonography.

Students would also be able to receive their clinical internship in the Rio Grande Valley’s hospitals which are affiliated with the University of Texas. Note that the clinical instruction classes in these hospitals would be done in a rotating schedule.

Upon the completion of this ultrasound program, the graduates would be prepared for challenging the ARDMS exam concerning the ultrasound specialty fields like OB/GYN or Abdominal Sonography.

Contact Details:–

  • Address:–80 Fort Brown, Brownsville, TX-78520
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–956-554-5011

2. Weatherford College

For your information, the Weatherford College, which is located in the Weatherford region of the Texas state, has only recently managed to make the CAAHEP notice its quality ultrasound training programs.

Appealing features of the Ultrasound Programs Run by the Weatherford College:–

The Weatherford’s associate’s degree programs concerning the General Sonography as well as the Vascular Sonography have both received accreditation from the CAAHEP, which means that graduates of these 2 ultrasound programs would be eligible to sit in the ARDMS certification exam without any inconvenience.

By the way, the students of this associate’s degree sonography programs would be able to graduate only after the completion of 72-credits long ultrasound coursework. In other words, this associate’s degree program lasts for the time period of about 2 years.

Students who have enrolled in this ultrasound tech training program can expect to explore the ultrasound core courses such as sonography physics, sectional anatomy and sonogram-based superficial structures.

Upon graduation, the Weatherford College gives its ultrasound students the liberty to enroll in the 24 credits long Certificate program in Cardiac Sonography (advanced course).

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      • Address:–225 College Park Drive, Weatherford, TX-76086
      • Online Address:– 
      • Phone No.:–817-598-8846

      3. Del Mar College

      Another highly reputed name listed among the “Best sonography schools in Texas” is the Del Mar College, which, for your information, resides in the Corpus Christi region of the Texas state. And, like the University of Texas, the Corpus Christi College also has the provision of running an Associate’s degree level ultrasound program, which has gain the accreditation from the CAAHEP.

      Appealing features of the Ultrasound program run by the Del Mar College:

      The Associate’s degree sonography program issued by the Del Mar College has the schooling period of about 1 and a half years i.e. only 18 months.

      Sonographer-wannabes, who wish to enroll in Del Mar College’s associate’s degree program will have the alternative to choose what ultrasound concentration field they would like to earn their associate’s degree in i.e. either General Sonography or Cardiac Sonography.

      Both of these associate’s degree programs on Cardiac & General sonography are accredited by the CAAHEP and thus, on graduation, would make you eligible to sit in the ARDMS certification exam.

      This associate’s degree program would make the students explore the ultrasound physics as well as Doppler physics. There would also be classes concerning the courses of your chosen ultrasound specialty field.

      If you have chosen to specialize in General Sonography, then you would have to take classes on OB/GYN and abdominal sonography whereas if you have chosen the Cardiac specialty program, then your classes would teach you about the echocardiography principles & instrumentation techniques along with an introduction to the vascular technology.

      Contact Details:–

      • Address:–101 Baldwin Blvd, West Campus, Corpus Christi, TX-78404
      • Online Address:–
      • Phone No.:–361-698-2833

      4. Sanford Brown College (the Houston branch)

      When speaking of the accredited sonography schools in Texas, it is indeed hard to miss the name of the Sanford Brown College. After all, the Sanford Brown Institute, which offers versatile graduate programs in anesthesiology, surgical technology, radiology and other medical fields, has its satellite colleges in various parts of the US, including this Texas State.

      Now, the praise-worth thing about Sanford Colleges is that almost all of them have managed to bag accreditation from the CAAHEP for their ultrasound programs. This Houston based Sanford College is not an exception too.

      Appealing Features of the Ultrasound Program run by the Sanford Brown College (Houston branch):–

      Sonographers-wannabes who wish to enroll in the ultrasound tech training program issued from the Sanford College should be enlightened about the fact that this Houston technical school offers a CAAHEP approved Associate’s degree sonography program coursework, which basically lasts for about 2 years.

      Being a General Sonography concentrated associate’s degree program, it encompasses classes on instrumentation & principles of abdominal and OB/GYN sonograpy. Students would naturally get to explore the courses like ultrasound physics, sectional anatomy and physiology.

      The Sanford College’s ultrasound program is also designed to provide an intensive sonography coursework that combines the lecture classes regarding Survey Organs, Proper Protocols, Sonographic superficial organ structures etc. with the laboratory works and practical study in the clinics.

      The ultrasound students would also get to participate in the clinical externship program, which will help prepare them to be qualified for the entry-level ultrasound jobs in the hospitals and ultrasound facilities.

      Upon the completion of this associate’s degree program, the graduates would then have fulfilled all the ultrasound technician requirements and therefore would be welcomed to participate in the ARDMS certification exam.

      Note:–There’s one more Sanford Brown College in the state of Texas, which has also earned the accreditation from the CAAHEP. To be more specific, this particular Sanford College is located in Dallas city and offers the interested applicants a Certificate level program in General Sonography. This is one of the best technical schools Dallas residents, especially those who already have some credentials as a healthcare practitioner, should choose to enroll at for their ultrasound training program.

      Contact Details:–

      • Address:–10500 Forum Place Drive, #200, Houston, TX-77036
      • Online Address:–
      • Phone No.:–832-214-5295

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