Sonography Training: A Major Step for Your Career

Sonography is the branch of health studies that deals with the imaging of internal organs to diagnose diseases. It is an important part of any medical team at a hospital. Sonography is a rapidly growing field. Many students seem to be interested in the field today as it has high job prospects and short training courses to get a job in sonography. For a good career,  good training is very important. During sonography training, one is taught about communication, anatomy, physiology, pathology and other basics of the human body. There are various types of sonography training available to you. One can choose a type according to your own requirements. Depending upon you interests and needs, you can choose between the four kinds of training available for sonography:  certificate level training, associate degree, bachelor degree or higher level masters degree.

Certificate training:

Certificate level training programs are usually short term courses, between 1 and 2 years. These courses are suitable for applicants who already have medical qualifications, and want to add some qualifications in sonography. Certificate training provides a entry level education, if you want a part time career in sonography, then you might choose a certificate training course.

Associates degree:

The majority of sonography students pursue an associate degree. It is a two year course available at many colleges. The coursework includes a practical as well as theoretical understanding of sonography.

Bachelor’s degree:

The bachelors degree is of four years duration and people who want to take up sonography as their full time career should investigate the long term benefits available. After the classroom work is finished, one can take an internship program to gain the practical experience necessary as a qualified professional.

Master’s degree:

Not commonly chosen as an entry level training program, but rather selected by those with experience in the field who wish to develop their knowledge and skills to a higher level.

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      Sonography Training

      Sonography Training

      Your training also depends on the specialization you choose to study. You can choose from various specialization fields: abdominal sonography, neuro sonography, cardiac sonography, vascular sonography, obstetrics sonography and breast sonography. The cost of your training course also depends on the specialization you choose to take. You can also take online courses if you like. They are available in various schools.

      You need to choose a good quality school for your training. The most important factor you should search in schools is the technology and equipment they have available for training. Sonography is all about technology, hence a good school should have the latest and the best technologies so that their students can learn to operate such modern equipment. Only choose a school that is certified. If not, you will not be allowed to sit in the licensing exams.

      Sonography training is extremely rigorous and requires hard work and devotion. Students are provided with all the skills needed to be a sonographer, and real life situations are simulated at times, and the trainees are forced to accomplish their work in a pressurized atmosphere. The only difference being that they always have a helping guide to help avoid mistakes. One needs to be very careful with the machines as a small mistake can turn out into a big problem. Sonography is a field that requires ongoing study.  Because technology keeps on improving, you need to keep yourself updated with the current standards of practice. You could choose to read journals and articles, and may also have to attend conferences, seminars and other short courses throughout your career.

      Sonography is a promising field with an ever-increasing demand of sonographers. Job prospect are increasing into the future. Even the salary factor is promising for sonographers who can expect to earn about $68,000 a year on average. So, if you are planning to take sonography training, you are about to take an exciting leap!


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