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How to Become an Ultrasound Technician

In these hard and competitive economic crises, ultrasound technician can be a decent career with a great deal of personal award. The ultrasound technician is the fastest growing occupation when compared to other health allied professions. The job outlook for ultrasound technicians has become increasingly positive in these past few years. As more and more patients are searching an alternative for painful medical surgery and harmful medications, the application of ultrasound technology is increasingly widening. The demand for a well skilled and experienced ultrasound technician in medical field is increasing every year.

Now to become an ultrasound technician you need to have a high school or a graduate level degree. The one with strong background on math and other health related subjects is given top priority.

The first step to your ultrasound career is to join the ultrasound technician trainings programs. There are one year certificate degree, two year associate degree and a four year bachelor degree program available to become an ultrasound technician.

  • The one year certificate degree is mainly for those who are already engaged in the medical field and want to start their career as an ultrasound technician.
  • The two year associate degree is the most common and widely joined technician program. The course includes basics on ultrasound technology, human anatomy and general physics. The associate degree prepares students for the entry level jobs in ultrasound technology.
  • The four year bachelor degree program is focused to those who want to advance and enhance their skills on ultrasound technology. The course in bachelor degree is similar to that of the associate degree but the students learned the skills and trainings in more detailed and advance manner. The bachelor degree program prepares students for management and leadership roles in ultrasound technology.

The program is offered either in online distance learning format or traditional classroom based format. The online based ultrasound technician program provides skills and trainings through online means. The online content is presented via online lectures, discussions and live chat. The students can join the classes from anywhere and anytime from a computer with an internet connection. The onsite content that needs on spot trainings are held at local healthcare centers where the students can apply their learned skills in real life settings. They will be able to interact directly with the patients and physicians, can use the equipments and gain practical experience. The online based program may last up to 18 months depending upon the school or the program. The traditional classroom based program is the regular format of educating a student where the student needs to visit the college premises and join the classes. The traditional based ultrasound technician program may last longer than the online based program. There are several specialties to choose from within the ultrasound technology. One can go into the Ob- gyn sonography, vascular sonography, Neurosonography and Abdominal Sonography.

Recommended Online Ultrasound Technician Schools :

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      There are several ultrasound technician schools that provide ultrasound technician programs to students. However the students need to keep in mind that the program needs to be accredited. Accreditation is a process which determines whether the program meets the minimum standard of national health education policy or not. This will also make you eligible to sit on the examinations taken by ARDMS for licensure on ultrasound technology. Although most of the states do not need license on ultrasound, most employers prefer to hire the ultrasound technicians with a license. Therefore the license can give a plus point when finding jobs over other applicants.

      Ultrasound technician is a lucrative occupation. The offered salary is really good. A normal ultrasound technician can earn from $45,000 to $70,000 per year. However the average salary may fluctuate depending on some variables. The academic performance during the training program will directly affect your average salary. If the academic performance is low or normal then you will be offered normal salary as well. If you are new to this field then you will not expected salary from the start. As your experience in the field grows, your average salary will also increase. In addition to a comfortable salary you will also be provided with facilities like free housing, free transportation and medical benefits. The location of your job will also affect the average salary. If the economic condition is low, then you will not get an expected salary even though you are experienced and skilled. And again an ultrasound technician in a hospital will have more salary then the one who work in a small diagnostic center. The recent survey shows that an ultrasound technician can earn a minimum $19 per hour to $30+ per hour. The ultrasound technicians in New York are paid with higher wages than compared to other states.

      Ultrasound technician can be a better option for those who are searching for a good career options. The demand is rapidly increasing and unlike other medical profession, the training program does not last long. In just 18 months you will be prepared to work on the entry level jobs in ultrasound technology. In addition to a comfortable salary, the job security is promising. Just you have to follow the above steps to become an ultrasound technician.