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Experience on My First Day as an Ultrasound Technician

An Ultrasound Technician (also referred to as a diagnostic medical sonographer) is someone who operates ultrasound technology equipment that generates images of the internal organs of patients. The machine consists of a hand-held scanning unit which is used to direct the sound waves into an area of the body, then translate the sound coming back into an ultrasonic image. In other words, sound waves are used to create an image that is caught by the device and show it on the screen. When the sound wave meets an object like a foetus or a baby, the sound wave bounces back to provide an image of the internal object, allowing us to see something that would not be possible by any other means.

Example of Equipment used by an Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound Technology Advances are Making the Diagnosis of Certain Conditions Possible.

This machine uses the very latest ultrasound technology and is used to give a pregnant mother their first look at their baby, to diagnose medical conditions in the heart and other organs and to diagnose various other types of medical conditions also. If you are someone who enjoys working with the latest technology in equipment (there are constant ultrasound technology advances) and likes to help people, you seriously should consider an ultrasound technician career. One needs to have other skills along with very good training and knowledge. Good verbal communication skills are a must since you need to interact with the patients directly and explain them the procedure and results in a way they understand.

Right from my first day as an ultrasound technician, I just loved my job, and have written this letter to share my experience with others. Hopefully it will help someone in knowing what to do and what not to do and take up the challenge to undertake ultrasound technician training.

consider an ultrasound technician career

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The first day of any job is very important to making a good impression. The first impression is a lasting impression so we need to be professional on the first day at work.

You need to be prepared for anything on the first day of work. You need to polite with fellow workers since no workplace welcomes lazy or rude staff. Wear clothes that are most comfortable but also meet the dress requirements of the workplace. It is also important to act confident so that others can see your confidence. It may take some time to get to know everyone in the office, so be friendly and polite.

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      My First Day at Work as an Ultrasound Technician

      Here I will be sharing my experience of my first day at work as an ultrasound technician. I got a job as an ultrasound technician for a private ultrasound company which does the latest technology work. I have had a couple of other jobs in the past but I was really excited and looking forward to this job. After all, this is what I wanted to be. As an ultrasound technician I knew what I had to be able to do the job, but I was a little nervous. I knew I might have to perform tricky abdominal, obstetrical, gynecological, and vascular tests. I knew I was well trained in how to do those tests, but still the first day of work can make you heart beat faster. I was supposed to work with patients, colleagues, and patients therefore I had to be prepared to use my communication skills. I was also responsible for imaging a fetus and when I do that I need to know how to use ultrasound machine in order to produce very good diagnostic images and show the baby is in good health. Here is how my first day went.

      “I got a job as an ultrasound technician for a private ultrasound company which does the latest technology work.”

      I reached the work place at 8 am and asked the doctor what I should start with. He told me to begin preparation for my first round of the patients. I started getting the machine ready and I also prepared the paper work. My first patients Mr. and Mrs. Walker arrived at 8:30 am. They were here to see how far Mrs. Walker has gone in her pregnancy. They wanted to ensure the baby was healthy and also wanted to know the delivery date. I used the baby’s measurements in order to decide the rough age of the baby. At 9 am, the Walkers left the clinic and I started to make notes on the pictures of the baby where every detail is documented for the doctor to review it later. At around 10:00 am my next patients visited. The stage of pregnancy was little older in this case. They came here to see if the to-be-baby is a boy or a girl. I applied the scanner to her stomach and rubbed it gently. I took the measurement and scans of important areas to check if the baby was healthy before I went to see the gender. The baby was not in the best position so that I had to ask the patient to move. After few minutes the baby came to the right position and I could see the baby was a boy. I was amazed to see the happiness in their eyes. I took some pictures and gave it to the parents. I again made the notes from this procedure and recorded it for further use. At 11:00 there came a first time mom who visited the doctor weekly so that the doctor can keep a close eye on her baby. Her amniotic fluid level was a little low so the doctor needed all the documents and images so that he could recommend things to do to protect their baby. The mother seems sad and I felt bad seeing this. I talked to her for few minutes to comfort her. She was nervous. I had my lunch at 12:30. I resumed my work again at 1:30. My afternoon was almost the repetition of the morning activities. I was off at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. This is pretty much how my first day went. There were some happy faces and some sad ones. I learnt how to stay calm when things are sad and how to control my excitement when things were of happiness. I am still working for the same doctor and I am really satisfied with my job.

      In short, being prepared, calm and polite in the job always helps and on the first day of your job you need to have it all. Nervousness on the first day is common but don’t let your nervousness interfere with your work or damage your reputation. Ask your seniors or colleagues if you have questions on anything. Most importantly choose a job in a field of interest that you will never regret working and enjoy your job.