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The Most Popular 3 Accredited Ultrasound technician Schools

Ultrasound technician is one of the most attractive professions in these hard and competitive times. The pay is good and surprisingly the trainings required to become an ultrasound technician is far less when compared to other medical professions. In the current market scenarios an ultrasound technologist can earn from $50,000 to $70,000. In addition to a comfortable salary, you will be provided with other facilities like free housing, job related travel reimbursement and medical benefits. Like other medical professions, the career on the ultrasound technician is not only stable but also constantly on the rise. To advance your career as an ultrasound technician, you should attend one of the top accredited ultrasound technician schools.

The Ultrasound technician schools provide two year associates degree program or a four year bachelor degree program in ultrasound technician. The two year associates degree program teaches students, the basics of many types of ultrasound procedure and are prepared to enter the filed in entry level positions. The students will learn to use and manage the sonographic equipments, the anatomy of a human body and the general physics of ultrasound technology. The curriculum for an associate degree program includes the introductory and basic courses in ultrasound technology as well as the medical and science courses that focus on human anatomy and health condition. The four year bachelor degree program provides detail and advance trainings and education on ultrasound technology. It prepares students for leadership and management roles. The curriculum for a bachelor degree program is similar to that of associate degree program; the difference is that in bachelor degree, students learn advance and professional skills with deep analysis of the courses. Some ultrasound technician schools may provide a one year diploma or certificate level program in ultrasound technology. This program is suitable for those people who are already engaged in the medical field and want to start their career as an ultrasound technician.

The Ultrasound technician schools provide both online based or traditional based ultrasound technician programs to students. The traditional based program is a regular classroom based program in which students have to join the classes regularly in the college premises. The online based program is the latest form of distance learning program in which the students learn the courses in ultrasound technology via online means. As ultrasound technician program is a practical based program that needs hands on practice, most of the ultrasound technician schools use hybrid process in their online program. In this process the theoretical content are presented via online lectures, discussions and live chat. The practical content that needs hands on practice is held in local heath care center where students will be able to interact directly with the patients and physicians. They will be able to apply their learned skills on real life settings which will enhance their medical skills.

There are several accredited ultrasound schools that provide world class trainings and programs on ultrasound technology to students. Below here are some of the well known accredited ultrasound technician schools.

Newman University in Wichita

The Newman University sonography program trains students to be highly skilled professionals who use the ultrasound technology to diagnose the patients under the supervision of a doctor or physician. The diagnostic medical sonography includes abdominal, obstetrical, vascular, cardiac and various sub specialties. The program will prepare students to sit for the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers examinations and for physics, abdomen, and vascular registries. The sonography program is a 21 months program starting in the fall of each year. The program provides a well rounded theoretical and clinical education through lectures, laboratory exercises and rotations through a variety of clinical facilities.


The students need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the general courses along with the completion of the prerequisite courses; medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology and general physics. The students with strong background on math, science and other medical subjects are given top priority.

Recommended Online Ultrasound Technician Schools :

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      Program Cost

      The ultrasound technician program may cost $713 per credit hour. The student will have to pay for the registration fee, the room, meal plans and books during the enrollment process. The financial aid may be available for the adult and deserving students.

      University of Oklahoma in Norman

      The University of Oklahoma offers undergraduate degree program on sonography.  The OU’s bachelor degree program offers multi-specialty content and is associated with four other medical imagining and radiation science programs. The program prepares students for entry level positions on cardiology, radiology, obstetrics gynecology and vascular sonography settings at hospitals, clinics and other healthcare center. During the first two years of studies, students complete the general education and biological science classes while in the second year, students can apply for the sonography program in the department of radiologic technology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. The sonography program is accredited by the Commission on Accredited of Allied Health Education Program (CAAHEP).


      The undergraduate program requires a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 for admission. Each academic program course should have a minimum grade of C.  The students need to have a strong background on medical subjects and math with professional performance and behavior.

      Program cost

      The total average cost for first year undergraduate students is $8,324 for local residents while for non residents it is $19,277. The students may expect additional costs that include but are not limited to personal computer, textbooks, lab fees, insurance and supplies. Students should assume the financial responsibilities for room, board and transportation expenses associated with clinical practicum requirements.

      West Virginia University

      The diagnostic medical sonography program in West Virginia University is an 18 moth certificate program specializing in Abdominal, Ob- Gyn and Neurosonography. The students are provided with professional skills using latest technology and equipments. The program is accredited by the Commission on Accredited of Allied Health Education Program (CAAHEP). Upon completion of the program the students can sit for the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography examination in physics, abdomen, Ob-Gyn and Neurosonography.


      The students should complete the application and reference forms along with the performance standard form. The student should have a minimum SAT score of 900 or ACT score of 19. An average GPA of 2.50 or better in the academics with an excellent record in math and medical subjects is required. The students must have a high school diploma or equivalent degree. The students with bachelor degree with completion of medical subjects can apply for the admission.

      Program Cost

      The tuition fee is $3,000 for the 18 month program. An additional cost that includes books, uniforms, certification exam fees, graduation fees should be assumed. A non refundable $50 is charged to students as an admission fee. The students enrolled in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography do not qualify for Federal Financial aid.

      Ultrasound technician is a lucrative occupation. The one thing that makes it unique is that unlike other medical professions, the trainings do not last long. You can become an ultrasound technician just within 18 months. Upon completion of the trainings, you will be hired on hospitals, diagnostic center and other health care center where you will get a comfortable salary with job security. Nowadays more and more people are starting to follow non surgery methods for diagnostic purpose; the ultrasound technology is in a constant demand by patients. A survey shows that the demand for ultrasound technician is expected to grow faster than the average for all the occupations. Therefore being an ultrasound technician can be a good decision if you are thinking of which career to take.