Useful Info on Pros and Cons of an Ultrasound Technician Career

Pros and Cons of an Ultrasound Technician Career

The tasks and responsibilities of an Ultrasound Technician are many and varied.  Ultrasound technology (or “diagnostic medical sonography“, as it is also referred to) is not just for assisting pregnant mothers to see their baby for the first time, nor solely for work in obstetrics. Ultrasound technology is used to diagnose many other types of conditions, and to support other medical specialists to make accurate judgements.

ultrasound technician specialty of cardiology sonography

Cardiac Sonography is another specialty that an ultrasound technician may enter.

We all know that there is growing demand for professionals in the medical field and the need for good health care is increasing day by day.  One of the most exciting careers in medical care is that of an Ultrasound Technician. This job has its own difficulties and challenges, but is highly rewarded in terms of salary. This is a career with a very high potential since jobs in health care are in strong demand.  Population growth is only one factor, and when you consider that the baby boomer generation is getting older, there will certainly be increasing demand for health care services. Health care jobs are not overly affected by economic crises and often supported by funding from within the government.

Being an Ultrasound Technician has its own advantages and challenges like any other job but you will find career in this field to be extremely fulfilling. Listed below are some pros and cons of a career as an ultrasound technician:


  • The ultrasound technician salary is typically better than that of many other careers.
  • Provides a great career with potential for personal growth and development.
  • It provides adventure in your life since no two days will be exactly the same.
  • An opportunity to meet many kinds of people with different personalities.
  • It is a transferable job as you can move to any city to find work. You don’t have to stay in the same location just because of your job.
  • The working hours for this job are usually flexible.
  • You will learn a lot about technology, become an expert in anatomy and maintain a broad working knowledge across many areas of health care.
  • Strong demand for health care professionals.
  • Provide support to a wide range of medical specialists which gives an ultrasound technician an important role to play in the health care industry.


Like any career, being an ultrasound technician has its challenges. Some of them listed below.


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  • You need to pass a stringent examination to become a registered ultrasound technician. Some may need to revisit the examination.
  • The examination takes time to prepare, study and sit.
  • Ultrasound technician courses can be expensive in comparison with other careers.
  • There is potential for occupational injuries.  You will need to be careful at work!
  • Do to the nature of the health care industry, and that medical emergencies can happen at any time of the day, you may find yourself working outside of normal office hours.
  • It may be initially tough to meet the prerequisites.
  • The salary may be similar for a certificate level or a Bachelor level.
  • You need to fully understand the operation of the technology.
  • Sometimes you may have to settle a patient who is experiencing pain or discomfort
  • Sometimes a patient can be having a bad day – and try to spoil yours!
  • An ultrasound technician works in a dark room and hence you might feel like you are living in a cave. Getting some natural light will brighten your day!

ultrasound technician jobs 

How rewarding is a career as an Ultrasound Technician?

As already indicated, an ultrasound tech salary will offer you a more comfortable lifestyle than other careers/jobs and a job in this area will help you to establish a rewarding career. It will provide you a comfortable lifestyle and allow you to choose a job that suits your schedule. Ultrasound technician training is more expensive than other courses, sometimes making it harder for students to afford the tuition fees, but you could look for some scholarship options.  Check with the ultrasound technician schools you are considering applying to.

One thing you need to take into consideration is that you may have to deal with people who are in pain or discomfort. In such cases, you need to be calm and provide reassurance that you are there to help. And every now and then an ultrasound technician needs to work late hours, which can be both demanding and rewarding.

To sum up, you will need to consider both the advantages and challenges of this career in order to make a decision. You will need to be sure that you can meet the pre-requisites and achieve the required qualifications. But be assured that you are on the way towards greater financial stability and an exciting career.

We sincerely hope that using this guide helps you choose the career which suits you, and helps you to realise your goals and ambitions in this awesome career as an ultrasound technician.


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