Ultrasound Technician Colleges: Particulars and Requisites

Ultrasound technicians (or diagnostic medical sonographers) are people who use ultrasound technology to track the development of the internal organs inside the human body. Ultrasound technicians have a rapidly growing field in front of them with even higher job prospects in the future. Generally, those who aspire to become an ultrasound technician take up a two year degree called associates degree. However, if one already has a medical degree one may even take shorter courses. These courses are taught at community colleges, universities and medical colleges. You will find plenty of such colleges around you. But not all of them provide good quality education.

Once you start your college search, you will come across a lot of options. The first one is what duration of course you choose. As said before, it depends on your needs as well as interests. The second choice you have to make is specialization. Ultrasound has different branches within it: abdominal ultrasound, neuro ultrasound, obstetric ultrasound, breast ultrasound or cardiac ultrasound. You should first decide on your specialization, and then search for an appropriate college accordingly. Nowadays online degrees are famous due to the convenience it causes. If you think you can save time by joining an online degree, you should search for a college that offers online degrees.

Requisites for a good Ultrasound Technician College


Ultrasound Technician Colleges

Ultrasound Technician Colleges

The college you choose has to be certified either by ARDMS or CAAHP. Certification also guarantees that the academic level of the college meets optimum standards. If you go to an uncertified college, you may not qualify for the licensure exams.

Clinical Experience:

Read the coursework of each college. Only coursework that includes intensive clinical experience are to be trusted as ultrasonography is more of practical work.

Recommended Online Ultrasound Technician Schools :

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      Equipments and Technology:

      Sonographers cannot perform a single task without the help of machines. Hence, it is very important for them to learn how to operate such machines. Technology improves at a fast pace, and successful sonographers have to keep them updated about them. Colleges should have the latest technology and equipments. It is generally advised for you to personally visit the campus so that you can see the facilities available in the campus for yourself.


      For good learning, a healthy environment is also important. The size of classrooms should be big enough for all the students to accommodate easily. Again, for this reason too it is advised to visit the school personally.


      They are the ones who are responsible for explaining things to you. So, you obviously want friendly teachers around. Also, look at the student teacher ratio of the school. You should not choose a college with very high student teacher ratio as the teacher will not be able to concentrate on each student.

      Success history and reviews:

      Reviews of most colleges are available online. Certain organizations and magazines also produce reviews of colleges. You should check these reviews to see what the students of the college feel about the college. Many colleges also provide the statistics of their college’s graduate’s success. A college with successful graduates is a testimony to its good quality education.


      For some of you, the costs for ultrasonography college may be unaffordable. In this condition, you would like to go to colleges that offer financial aids.

      You may find certain institutions advertising about a 6 month or 8 month ultrasonography program. Stay away from these kinds of stuffs. A 6 or 8 month program is just inadequate for a sonographer. Therefore, don’t fall under such traps.

      After you finish college, get your certification as soon as possible. Though not mandatory, many jobs accept certified sonographers only. The job opportunities are expected to increase with time. And even the salary is good. On average, a sonographer earns $68,000 a year. The salary obviously depends on many other factors like specialization and the state you live. And if you study well and be honest at your work, you are sure to rise in any field. Thus, regardless of the college you choose, focus on your studies. If you have the subject matter in you, you will make a successful sonographer one day.

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