Ultrasound Technician Schools in Maryland: Top 4 CAAHEP Sonography Programs!

Well, the profession of an Ultrasound Technician is becoming a popular career choice in the state of Maryland, owing to the fact that this medical career is not only exciting but lucrative too. In fact, the ultrasound technicians or, rather say, the Diagnostic Medical Sonographers in Maryland have the potentiality of earning an average salary of around $54000 per year, not to mention that the maximum salary earnings of the ultrasound techs can even reach over $75000. Hence, if you would also like to pursue the career of a sonographer, then graduating from one of the CAAHEP approved ultrasound technician schools in Maryland should be your first priority.

# Brief Introduction of the Top 4 CAAHEP Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools of Maryland:–

Ultrasound Technician Schools in MarylandThe Maryland State, although a host to a great number of medical and nursing schools, has at present only 4 sonography schools, which have bagged the accreditation from the CAAHEP i.e. Council for Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

And, for your information, among these 4 CAAHEP accredited sonography schools, only 1 i.e. Montgomery College, has the provision of offering Associate’s degree to the students, who want to enter into the healthcare field with the title of an Ultrasound Technician.

On the other hand, the remaining 3 CAAHEP-accredited ultrasound technician schools in Maryland have the provision of offering only Certificate level sonography programs, which, to tell you the truth, are generally meant for the sonographer aspirants, who already have a bachelor’s degree in applied science or, even better, are currently licensed as an allied healthcare practitioner such as Registered Nurse or Radiology Technicians.

1. Montgomery County Community College

The Montgomery College, which resides in the Takoma Park of the Maryland State, is apparently the most popular destination for the sonographer aspirants, owing to the fact that, at present, it is the one and only medical school of Maryland, which offers Associate’s degree sonography program favored with the accreditation from the CAAHEP.

Appealing Features of the Ultrasound Program Run by the Montgomery College:–

Like I said before, the students enrolling in the Montgomery College would be able to graduate as an Ultrasound Technician, with an Associate’s Degree in Diagnostic Sonography.

The Montgomery College not only offers Associate’s degree in General Sonography but also in the Vascular and Cardiac Sonography, which means that ultrasound applicants, who wish to enroll in the Montgomery College, would have the choice to decide whether they would like to become an Ultrasound Technician with specialization in the General, Vascular or Cardiac Sonography.

Along with theoretical classes, the Montgomery College also provides clinical practicum to its ultrasound students at the local hospitals and ultrasound facilities.

This Associate’s degree sonography program has the ultrasound schooling period lasting around 2 years and is designed to make the ambitious students well prepared for the ADRMS certification exam, upon passing which the graduates would be qualified for upholding the entry-level ultrasound jobs in any Maryland hospitals.

Contact Details:–     

  • Address:–7600 Takoma Ave., Takoma Park, MD–20912
  • Online Address:–www.montgomerycollege.edu
  • Phone No.:–240-567-5569

2. Sanford-Brown Institute

With many satellite branches laid across the US, the Sanford Brown Institute has established its name as a reputed educational institution. And, the good thing about these Sanford Brown Institute’s branches is their provision of running quality ultrasound training programs, almost all of which have managed to bag accreditation from the CAAHEP; even this particular ultrasound program issued by the Sanford Institute of the Maryland State has too managed to gain CAAHEP approval.

Appealing Features of the Ultrasound Program Run by the Sanford-Brown Institute:–

Sonographer-wannabes, who are interested to enroll in the Sanford Brown Institute, should be enlightened about the fact that this reputed educational institution only offers a Certificate level Sonography program.

Students of this sonography certificate program would get to experience an intensive ultrasound training coursework that basically lasts for around 1 and a half year.

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      As this certificate program is concerned with the General Sonography field, students can expect to explore special ultrasound courses which will teach them about the abdominal and OB/GYN sonography instrumentation & principles.

      Being a CAAHEP accredited ultrasound program, the graduated students, upon receiving their Certificate in General Sonography, would at once get to sit in the ADRMS certification exam, passing which would make them Registered Sonographer.

      Contact Details:–

      • Address:–8401 Corporate Dr., Suite 500, Landover, MD-20785
      • Online Address:–www.sblandover.com
      • Phone No.:–301-683-2400

      3. University of Maryland

      If you are a sonographer aspirant residing in the Baltimore city, then you would be glad to learn that your city is currently playing host to the most reputed ultrasound technician school of the Maryland state i.e. the University of Maryland. Yes, my dear friend, the University of Maryland does also run versatile sonography programs, which have even received the accreditation from the CAAHEP.

      Appealing features of the Ultrasound Program run by the University of Maryland:–

      The University of Maryland has the provision of offering a Certificate level sonography program through its Training Centers and the ultrasound schooling period of this certificate program is about 13 and a half month.

      Songrapher-wannabes who wish to enroll in the University of Maryland would be given the alternative to decide whether they want to earn a Certificate in General Sonography or Vascular Sonography or Cardiac Sonography.

      This certificate program has an intensive ultrasound training coursework, which encompasses the subject matters such as ultrasound physics, patient care, cross-sectional anatomy, OB/GYN sonography, abdominal sonography, vascular anatomy and Doppler physics. Mind you, you would only get to explore the courses that are related to your sonography concentration field.

      The most wonderful thing about this sonography certificate program is its flexible schedule, the provision of which makes it possible for the ultrasound students to decide whether they would like to participate in fulltime, daytime or weekend ultrasound training classes as per their suitability.

      As a side note, you should also know that the ultrasound students of the University of Maryland get to complete their clinical internship from the Maryland hospitals, especially the Mercy Medical and the Johns Hopkins hospital.

      Contact Details:–

      • Address:–1450 S. Rolling Road, Baltimore, MD–21227
      • Online Address:–http://www.umbc.edu/trainctr/sonography/index.html
      • Phone No.:–443-543-5400

      4. Johns Hopkins University

      The Baltimore city is fortunate enough to play host to 2 CAAHEP accredited ultrasound technician school in Maryland i.e. besides the University of Maryland, there is also the John Hopkins University, which, for your information, has been running its CAAHEP approved ultrasound tech training program via the combined effort from the School of Medical Imaging and that of the Russell H. Morgan’s Department of Radiology.

      Appealing Features of the Ultrasound Program Run by the John Hopkins University:–

      Just like the University of Maryland, the John Hopkins University also offers a Certificate level program in sonography.

      The ultrasound applicants of the John Hopkins University have the alternative to decide whether they would like to enroll in the General Sonography certificate program or the Cardiac Sonography certificate program.

      Students of this certificate level sonography program will be taken through an intensive ultrasound training coursework, which is a mere 14 to 18 months long.

      Upon the completion of this ultrasound program, the graduates would be honored with the Certificate in Sonography, possessing which would at once make them eligible to sit in the ARDSM certification exam.

      Contact Details:–

      • Address:–600 N Wolfe Street, Blalock B-179, Baltimore, MD–21287
      • Online Address:–http://schoolsofmedicalimaging.rad.jhmi.edu
      • Phone No.:–410-528-8263

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