Ultrasound Technician Schools in San Diego: 2 Steps for Becoming a Sonographer in San Diego!

The sonographer aspirants, who are residing in the San Diego city of the California State, might not be aware about this fact that their beautiful city is the abode to the University of California, which, for your information, has been favored with the accreditation from the CAAHEP i.e. Council for Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. Hence, if you are genuinely interested to pursue the medical career profile of the Ultrasound Technicians (also referred to as the Diagnostic Medical Sonographers), then you may decide to enroll in the ultrasound program issued by the University of California (San Diego Medical Centre). Mind you, enrolling in the University of California is your only option since there are no other ultrasound technician schools in San Diego city.

Appealing Features of the Sonography Certificate program offered by the University of California (San Diego Medical Centre):–

Ultrasound Technician Schools in San DiegoThe students of this certificate level sonography program would get to experience a high quality ultrasound training coursework that encompass both the didactic classes and clinical internship.

In case of the UC San Diego Med. Centre, the ultrasound students would get to explore the special courses concerning the principle and instrumentation of abdominal sonography and OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology) sonography.

Quality teaching is guaranteed since the students would get to work with the professional ultrasound technicians, during the whole course of this certificate program.

Besides the intensive training classes, the University of California also bestows some wonderful facilities for the ambitious students such as the state-of-the-art sonography instruments along with the medical library that plays host to a variety of journals and textbooks. What’s more, the UC also advertizes about its perfect ratio between students and faculty.

Upon the completion of this sonography certificate program, the graduates would be honored with the Certificate in General Sonography, the possession of which will mark them as skilled ultrasound techs who are ready to challenge the ARDMS certification exam.

As an additional note, let me also tell you that on passing the ARDMS exam, you will then be officially acclaimed as “Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer” i.e. in short, a RDMS.

How long does it take to graduate from this certificate program? And, what is the program schedule?

Being a certificate program, its ultrasound schooling period, naturally, lasts for just 1 year i.e. a mere 12 months of your life.

According to the schedule of this certificate program, students will have to attend ultrasound classes for 5 days in every week, not to mention that each study day will involve 8 hours of classes.

From among the 5-days-per-week study schedule, 4 days would be dedicated to the clinical training in an affiliated hospital setting while the remaining 1 day would involve lecture classes mixed with laboratory practice.

The students of this certificate program will get to attend their 6-months-based clinical rotations, which by the way is the most important portion of the sonography certificate program, in 2 clinical settings, affiliated to the San Diego Med. Centre.

Factors to Consider Before You Knock on the Door of the University of California For Enrollment:–

Sad to say, the University of California provides only a Certificate level sonography program and that also in just the General Sonography field. Now, if you are wondering what’s sad about the sonography certificate program, then let me enlighten you with the bitter fact that this certificate program is not meant for all sonographer aspirants. There are certain enrollment criteria which you have to fulfill in order to become eligible for taking participation in this certificate level sonography program.

Academic Requirements: The GED certificate or high school diploma is not enough for certificate programs!

Certificate programs enroll only those sonographer-wannabes who already have got a Bachelor’s or an Associate’s degree of Applied Science in their pocket.

What’s more, some sonography certificate programs, especially those which have received the accreditation from the CAAHEP, have this tendency to enroll only those applicants who possess credentials attesting to the fact that they are currently licensed in an allied healthcare profession such as that of the Registered Nurse, X-ray Technician or the Radiologic Technician.

Why is it necessary to possess a degree for enrolling in the UC’s certificate sonography program?

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      To tell you the truth, this particular enrollment criteria exists in almost every quality ultrasound certificate programs, owing to the fact that the certificate programs are generally of a short term period (i.e. just 1 year), as a result of which there would only be a few lecture classes regarding the core ultrasound technician courses. In fact, the theoretical ultrasound coursework lasts only for about 25 hours, after which the students would find themselves doing clinical internships throughout the program course to become capable for upholding the profession of an ultrasound tech.

      Now, if you have already earned a degree in a related healthcare education program like that of the x-ray, radiology or the nursing field, then you would, no doubt, have completed the basic healthcare courses like the physiology, medical terminologies, anatomy, patient care, general pathophysiology and medical ethics.

      These aforementioned subject matters are the pre-requisite courses of the UC’s ultrasound program. Hence, if you have already frequented these courses, then the ultrasound certificate program, albeit having the short-term lecture classes, would be sufficient enough to make you understand about the ultrasound technology and how it is used for generating sonograms of the internal human body parts.

      2 Steps that you have to take for becoming an Ultrasound technician in San Diego City:–

      1st Step:–Earn the Associate’s degree in Radiology Technology from the Mesa College!

      Since the enrollment criteria issued by the UC San Diego Med. Centre, the only ultrasound tech school in San Diego city, demands the applicants to possess an Associate’s or Bachelors’ degree in an allied healthcare education like that of Nursing, Respiratory Therapist or Radiologic Technician, your best option is to first enroll in the Mesa Junior College.

      For your information, the Mesa College, which is also a San Diego-based educational institution, offers the students an Associate’s degree of Applied Science in Radiology. Now, I am sure you will have this question regarding why it is necessary to get a radiology degree when you wish to pursue the career of the ultrasound technicians.

      Well, the main reason for this obligation is the fact that, right now, there are no other ultrasound technician schools in San Diego city, due to which the UC’s Certificate program demanded you to obtain an associate’s degree in radiology as an alternative.

      By the way, both the ultrasound technology and the radiology are used for non-invasive diagnostic medical imaging. So, in essence, these fields are completely similar to each other with the exception of the technology used.

      2nd Step:–Earn the Certificate in General Sonoraphy from the UC San Diego Medical Centre!

      Upon the completion of the Mesa College’s associate’s degree radiology program, you will then be qualified to seek enrollment in the University of California (San Diego Medical Centre).

      This is the one and only sonography school of the San Diego city and therefore, your choices are absolutely limited. If you care to pursue the profession of the sonographers, then you will have no options other than to get your ultrasound training through the UC San Diego Med. Centre, which is, of course, a CAAHEP accredited program.

      #Alternative way to becoming an Ultrasound Technician in San Diego City:–

      In this modern world, ambitious people can earn their desired degrees in healthcare fields (as that of nursing, radiology etc,) through the online education programs, which are not only cheap but also have the wonderful feature of flexible or self-paced study schedule, meant for accommodating the so called busy people.

      And speaking of the online tech schools, you would be dying to hear that there are also online courses for ultrasound technician training. So, in case, you are not interested to enroll in ultrasound technician schools in San Diego (i.e. the University of California), then you are at the liberty to pursue ultrasound technician online classes.

      While there’s only design schools in San Diego but no online college San Diego can boast of, you are therefore expected to get your ultrasound technician online schooling through one of the 4 CAAHEP accredited ultrasound tech schools in the US.

      For instance, you may apply for the online sonography courses offered by the Jackson Community College, which is one of the CAAHEP accredited ultrasound technician schools in Michigan State.

      Contact Details of the University of California (San Diego Med. Centre):–

      • Address:–200 West Arbor Drive, San Diego, CA-92103
      • Online Address:–http://www.radtech.ucsd.edu/Rad2/Ultra.htm
      • Phone No.:–619-543-6617

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